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Presentation of architectural firm in Marrakech

Born from the grouping of two architects in Marrakech – Redouane El Ghozail et Hicham Berrada El Azizi  –

AS PARTNERS leads real large-scale projects, in Morocco and internationally. Very promising agency of architects all from the School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis, interior architects, decorator and landscape designer, its strong point is to follow the projects as a whole.

AS Partners is a place to meet and collaborate with young talents and art enthusiasts serving a diverse clientele interested in thoughtful and quality architecture.

Our team is made up of professionals with different specialties, all gathered to create, organize, innovate and think about projects together. From the Californian-style private villa to the Arab-Moorish palace, from the restaurant connected to the urban project of social housing, high school, clinic, or omnisport hall, its versatility is ensured by the complementarity of its teams, systematically engaged in a collective work ensuring the most ambitious and innovative ideas for each project from A to Z. In fact, his achievements are out of the ordinary, which seeks to reinterpret the aesthetic canons of local architecture to breathe new life into it.


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Our Services



The general design plan that allows the realization of your architectural project. AS PARTNERS offers you the management of your projects as well as the realization of the general design plan.

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Interior architecture

The main mission of our firm is to improve your interior decoration, we help you to obtain the interior decoration that you want.

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Decoration & Object design

The development of interior spaces (partitions, furniture, lighting, etc.), and the coordination between shapes, colors, lines, volumes and materials to harmoniously integrate specialized equipment and articulate the spaces according to the best possible layout.

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Our Recents Projets

Discover here our news in pictures with the presentation of our latest achievements.


مسجد مزودةالموقع: مزودة ، المغربالعميل: جمعية حسنية
VILLA FDLLocalisation : , Maroc
VILLA BEN-BRALocalisation : Marrakech, MarocSurface Terrain :776 m²
PALACE KLocation: RIYADH, Saudi ArabiaBuilding area: 3465 m²Land area: 7918 m²
صالون شايالموقع: المغرب
VILLA ABDELLAHLocation: Marrakech, MoroccoBuilding surface: 162 m²
VILLA ABDELLAHLocalisation : marrakech, MarocSurface Batiment : 162 m²
VILLA BEN-BRALocation: Marrakech, MoroccoLand area: 776 m²
مجمع سكني عائلي مكون من 7 فلل على الطراز المعماري الحديث مجمع Rالموقع: الرياض ، المملكة العربية السعوديةمساحة الأرض: 10.066
مشروع إسكان اجتماعي (250.000.00 درهم) يضم 304 شقة و 43 محل تجاري ومساحة خضراء (حديقة ألعاب أطفال) وحضانة. إقامة الهدى
Renovation of the Public Works HeadquartersLocation: TAHANAOUT, Morocco
الوكالة الحضرية لبنجريرالموقع: بن جرير ، المغرب
فيلا 404الموقع: المغرب
VILLA MANNALocalisation : NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritanie


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AS Partners Gallery

Our work aims to combine the art of building design with strict adherence to costs and deadlines. We make sure to meet specific needs and offer long-term thinking that guarantees efficient use of the building by making it scalable and sustainable, in addition to paying particular attention to the quality of the space.



Track the project

AS PARTNERS, you can benefit from personalized support from the start to the end of your project. Whatever offer you choose, we will remain at your disposal for the entire working period. We will be responsible for monitoring the progress of your site and will visit the site regularly to assess materials, ensure deadlines are met and teams are present, and verify the quality of work performed.

Study and decoration

The study and decoration of interior spaces, and even exterior. our goal is to give you advice in order to optimize and harmonize your space, but also to reproduce the best of your wishes.

landscape study and exterior architecture

Landscape and exterior architecture study to design and supervise the landscaping of the grounds.

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