Our Team

Architecture is a complex field that requires expertise and collaboration from multiple professionals. At AS PARTNERS, this multidisciplinary approach is a reality. Here is a list of eight competent collaborators who work together to realize architecture projects in the city of Marrakech.

  1. The two architects – every project requires architectural leadership and vision for its success, and these two experts have extensive experience in the field of architecture.
  2. The interior designer – this person is an expert in creating unique interior spaces. They specialize in creative solutions for lighting, colors, and textures.
  3. The landscape architect – they focus on the interaction between the project and its environment. This professional specializes in creating outdoor design concepts that seamlessly integrate into the surrounding landscape.
  4. The six designers – the involvement of designers is essential for the creation of innovative and aesthetic design. The designers at AS PARTNERS are qualified professionals who work on various aspects of each project.
  5. The two study coordinators – for the success of any construction project, thorough and meticulous study is essential. The two study coordinators work together to provide the necessary expertise.
  6. The two site coordinators – the construction process is complex and requires close coordination among all parties involved. The site coordinators ensure that all activities are well synchronized to successfully deliver projects.
  7. The three administration members – administrative staff are responsible for managing the financial, logistical, and administrative aspects of all projects.

At AS PARTNERS, each team member works closely together to ensure the success of each project, from its conception to its final realization. With such a diverse and competent team, it’s no wonder that AS PARTNERS is now considered one of the most successful architecture firms in Marrakech.